Responsibilities of CAT

The following responsibilities were recommended in the 2009 audit of Sleepy Eye's curriculum process. A calendar of how we aim accomplish this work can be seen below.
  • Ensure progress toward the fulfillment of our district mission
  • Guarantee that our curriculum is based on a reasonable number of standards to ensure mastery of the content and it uses best practices to facilitate student learning
  • Communicate and celebrate the progress and quality of SEPS curriculum through the Annual Report on Curriculum, Instruction, and Student Achievement
  • Evaluate the initiation, implementation, modification, or elimination of curricular programs through the SEPS which is aligned to the district mission and uses evidence of best practice to make cost-benefit decisions for the allotment of curriculum funds.
  • Report the current allotment of curricular funds to the board
  • Identifies the timing, scope, and procedures for a periodic cycle of review of curriculum in all subject areas and at all grade levels

Team Members

Dana Trebesch, parent/community member
Amber Franta, Secondary teacher
  • The co-chairs are responsible for ensuring that information is ready and disseminated for each meeting by coordinating with administration and central office staff. The co-chairs also serve as the communication liaison between teachers undergoing the curriculum review cycle and CAT. See the work calendar below for more detail. Currently, one community representative and one teacher representative from a curriculum area under review are chairing CAT.

John Cselovszki, Superintendent/Elementary Principal
Shane Laffen, High School Principal

Samantha Breu, Elementary teacher

Brian Sellner, School Board Member
Sheila Schmid, School Board Member
Joleen Dittbenner, School Board Member

  • Terms expire in January, members are determined at January school board meeting

Ann Steffl, Parent/Community Member
Dana Trebesch, Parent/Community Member
Jennifer Heiderscheidt, Parent/Community Member
Cheryl Manderfeld, Parent/Community Member

Typical work calendar

Meetings are scheduled for the second Wednesday of the month starting at 7:00 p.m. in the Conference Room.


Review the Annual Curriculum, Instruction and Student Achievement Report


Review/approve requests for new course offerings in the high school.

Meet to serve the //curriculum review cycle.//

Work with teachers to adopt and review existing curriculum as needed using the Curriculum Review Framework.
//Curriculum Review Framework.doc//

At the conclusion of this work, develop a report to SEPS school board that details the allotment and rationale for disbursement of curriculum funds.

*Note: In April, CAT should announce the process community members can use to apply to CAT and prepare to distribute the necessary info in the May school newsletter about how to apply and be on CAT.

Ensure a plan is in place for students to participate in a district wide climate survey that will help measure the progress toward creating a safe learning environment.